Biyernes, Agosto 10, 2012

I'm 18 and I know it!:)

Tita Rizza and Baby Chloe
with my super thin sister :P
H-141 Family
Childhood neighbors
The "Bhebhes" 
I know some of you won’t read this one, and certainly, I DON’T CARE. :)

I changed. Lots of changes happened, but I know to myself, it’s for my own good. I used to be a moody person before and got easily mad. And then I realized, this is not good anymore. They say I’m MATURE now. But I am not, totally. I still cry whenever I feel like crying. I have the silliest laugh, my friends knew that. If you’re not one, you don’t have the right to judge me, and I won’t allow you then. I sing whenever I wanted to. I sit wherever I wanted to. I love to read fashion magazines, specifically. I love to spend hours to read fashion blogs, well, don’t care if I’m tired or what, but honestly, its already my everyday routine. I love to post and re-blog photos related about fashion, most especially here in my tumblr account. You can follow me here, anyway. I love to eat. >:D< especially when I’m bored. ;) I love pastas, fries, ice cream and chocolates! ♥ I love to shop clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Branded or not, If I like that one thing, I’m gonna buy it. I love to shop with my mom or even with my friends, coz they’re the ones who can relate with me. A happy go lucky person. I love to spend my time with my friends because whenever I’m with them, we had our non-stop laughtrips. Sharing jokes and teasing each other. I hate social climbers and trying hard people. I hate weird people. Sometimes, I’m a hater, and I hate you. :)

Friendly? Yes I am. I treasured my old and present friends. There’s no problem to me when it comes to friendship as long as you’re real to me. Backstabber? No I don’t stab at your back, coz I don’t want you to do that to me, too. Can’t you hear what I just tell about you? I never get tired talking about how people act, how people move, how people handle stuffs and that. Why would I…………..have you?:)

We’re not all perfect, we had our own strength and weaknesses. Just deal with it.

xie xie! XOXO♥

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